Also got down to 73. Can't get to 72. Changing $LIST to $EXTRACT is shorter but doesn't always work. Changing FOR loop to start from a single digit doesn't work because it would count space characters when it reaches 32.

x=a,b{i=65:1:90{$li(x(x),i)=$l($zcvt(x,"u"),$c(i))}} x(a)=x(b)

Good work. I didn't know you could omit the space after the closing bracket on the line tag arguments.

Also didn't think using curly braces would save anything in this case but it looks like a new line counts as 2 characters with the code length calculator.

(And I think you may be waiting a long time for the Encoder game to close)

Is there a little arrow below my 76 characters that will show my code when you click it? I can't see one under your 73 characters.

You could save another character by using $Extract instead of $List but that won't work if there are more than 8 of the same letter in the anagram.

How about 76 characters?

/// use $Length to count the occurrences of each letter!
/// store the counts in a list where the piece number is the ascii letter number
/// compare the lists for each word/phrase
ClassMethod Detector(As %String, As %String) As %Boolean
r(x) i=65:1:90 $li(y,i)=$l($zcvt(x,"u"),$c(i))

/// using first string replace with null each 'same' character found in second string leaving null or spaces
ClassMethod Detector(As %String, As %String) As %Boolean
$$r(a,b)_$$r(b,a)?." "
r(x,y) f  x=$replace(x,$e(y),"",,1,1),$e(y)="" ret:y="" x
/// 88 chars

I'm a fan of beyond compare but it is not always available on some of the sites I log in to. I'm not a fan of RCMP. I've got a Diff program that works in a terminal session that I use when I log on to a Cache version 5 site. Feel free to take this and do what you want with it (.MAC routines can be found on ^rMAC):


Nice article. Didn't know the easy way round negative dates.

But how does it handle the English calendar riots of 1752 when we went from September 2nd to September 14th overnight?

It returns a value of -32438 for September 3rd 1752 which didn't exist in England which is where I am now. Someone needs to fix this quickly!