Personally, I wouldn't teach unless I saw some interest in my daughter. But, now, as she is only 7 years old, it would not start, and would leave her as far away from computers as possible for now. I believe there is still plenty of time to start. However, through electronic games, I think that would be the best way. I like Age of Empires a lot, there is a lot of strategy in it, so I would try this path.

Hi Nigel, despite your tone of vengeance, I agree with you, I know the ability that developers have and that in many cases, they know much more than the user, or even anyone else who claims to know the process. And if it generated this feeling, I'm sorry, it wasn't the idea, and yes, it's good to have a different view. At the same time, you agree with me that this look from the outside also influences, no? And, I saw in your text a good part of the questions that I live in my work. I can only thank you for your "comment" and apologize if it was too general and offended you as a whole. At the same time, I believe that we have different views and that uniting them is certainly beneficial. So thanks and sorry.  

Hi everyone... My name is André Larsen Barbosa, known “popularly” as Larsen. Unlike most community members, I'm not a programmer, and in fact, I don't like programming at all. Yes, there are other areas in IT besides these.

Come on, I believe all of you developers do testing after development, right? Or are they so confident that they believe they can't make mistakes? Or, do they wait for the problem to appear in the user? Then just launch an update and fix or undo this mistake. So, that's exactly where we work with quality (well, everyone should work with quality), but I'm referring to a specific area, which is QA, or Quality Assurance.

When I talk about this, at the same time, I know that there are many companies that already work in this way, with very specific departments and with a somewhat rigid process. However, we also know that many are self-employed, independent programmers, who perhaps, and only perhaps, have not had or do not have this opportunity, which I tell you, is unique. No, I don't want to convert anyone, but I'm sure if you've read this far, you'll think about it.

What is quality software? Only software that doesn't give an error when opening it? Is it fast software? Cheap? Simple? Who meets what has been proposed? Which meets the customer's needs? Well, we have a lot of possibilities, but, I tell you all, when we talk about customers, they certainly expect all these questions to be answered by the software you've developed. And I go further, it's not just the code used, if it's clear, if it has comments, if it follows some rules and basic concepts. This is just part of the process, which crosses some boundaries and affects many areas.

Process, there is a very important word for the “acquisition” of quality in a project. So, how to achieve the expected result if we don't get a satisfactory interview with the client? Therefore, we will not know exactly what to build. How can we do something with quality if we don't participate in the negotiation of deadlines? Thus, it is true to say that quality must be involved throughout the entire process. I'm not saying that it's a rule and that if it doesn't, it won't work, but it will positively influence this participation.

With one more interesting point mentioned, which in fact is software (and here I open to any and all work that can be done, whether it is software, building a house, a cake recipe, anyway, anything, once that Quality, or the concept of quality is universal) of quality? It is very subjective to speak, but, thinking of a way to translate this, we would have something like: “The totality of characteristics of a product or service that can satisfy a certain need of a certain customer. And it is achieved through the permanent search for better results based on the best performance of each of the elements of a process, always oriented towards the customer, meeting their needs and above all exceeding their expectations.”

What motivated me to do this article (if I can afford to call it that)? You would be surprised by the absurdities we see. It's about losing sleep.

In summary, linear regression seeks the correlation between two numerical variables and logistic regression can have numerical or categorical variables. Logistic regression is used when the answer to your problem can be categorized. Ex: which employees are more likely to leave the company? In this case this question is a binary answer...classifying, either the employee leaves or stays and the model will separate these two blocks and you can evaluate through the confusion matrix. Hope this helps. Helberth  

Hi Kranthi,

I believe that you are just finding information about IRIS because it is something that is "in fashion". Part of Summit was about this, if you look at the developer community, basically just talk about it. In a way, we are almost unconsciously induced to migrate to IRIS. It is a fact that they have differences as friends have already commented, however, in general, it is more of the same.