Hi Muhammad,

Please follow below steps: (if it's personal instance)

1. Go to "Settings"

2. Search "InterSystems Server Manager"

3. Click "Edit in setting.json"

4. Edit

"intersystems.servers": {     
    "irishealth": {
        "webServer": {
            "scheme": "http",
            "host": "localhost",
            "port": 52773
        "username": "_system",
        "password": "system"

Add your password in json,

5. Save "settings.json"


Hi Rosti,

I guess, You need Add/enable Firewall Inbound Rule for 57772(Whatever the web server port in Cache Instances).

Please try the step:

Windows ->Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Left Panel

--> Click "Inbound Rules" - Right Click "New Rule"

New Rule Pop-up

1. Rule Type

1.1 Select "Port" Click Next

2. Protocol and Ports 

2.1 Does the rule apply to TCP or UDP? select "TCP"

2.2 Does the rule apply to all local port or specified local port? Select Specified Port and mention 57772 Click Next

3. Action select "Allow the connection" click Next

4. Name Enter the name of the rule "Ensemble"  


Please retry Atelier server connect process.


Hi Akio,

I guess, Something went wrong installation process, Please refer cconsole.log


For Mac, you don't have Cache cube,  

What version of Cache you are using? if you have 2016.2  or about you can use Atelier instead of Studio, management portal will be in localhost.  

Still You want to play with VirualBox Windows Cache installation, After install Cache you need to add 57772 port in windows firewall Inbound Rule then only you will get access of Management Portal access out of your VirtualBox.

My suggestion, play with mac Cache installation and try out Atelier.    


Hi Akio,

I guess, Preferred server access setting messed up.

   1. Are you try to access host server?(yes/no)

   if yes--> please check host server is enabled Telnet access  or not.

   if no --> please make your Cache as preferred server

                     Click Cache -> Preferred Server -> This Server

And click terminal,  Once you click on terminal, Cache automatically starts by itself and you will get access to Management Portal, Studio. 

Still you find some issue to access cache, please Check cconsole.log,  



Hi Ciaran,

Please try below mentioned steps.

1. open mac "Terminal"

2. Need know Cache is running or not. (When you shutdown mac Cache automatically shutdown) Check the status and <InstanceName> enter below command in mac terminal. 

 $ ccontrol list

Configuration 'CACHE'
        directory: /usr/cache
        versionid: 2015.1.2.607.2.16979
        conf file: cache.cpf  (SuperServer port = 1972, WebServer = 57772)
        status:    running, since Wed Sep 19 06:04:37 2018
        state:     ok

3. if not, start the Cache, 

 $ ccontrol start <instancename>

after start check the status of Cache instance.(step 2)

4. Enter command after cache start 

 $ csession <instancename>

Cache Terminal start with default  namespace USER> .