akio tanaka · Sep 20, 2018

I want to use the administration portal

Since I installed CACHÉ with mac, I can not use CACHÉ CUBE, so I put windows 10 in the virtualbox, installed CACHÉ and made cube usable.
The problem is,
When you press the cube mark,
· Management Portal
· Remote system access
· Preferred connection server (F) [TRYCACHE 2]
· Cache version management (b)
· End (x)
Inside of the above
· Management Portal (P)
Can not be selected.


The purpose of using CACHÉ is to refurbish existing projects.

You can change, repair, or delete CACHÉ by clicking on CacheClient_X64 and selecting an instance. To continue please click Next. Click on Next. Check on change, next, at custom setup

· CACHÉ launcher
· CACHÉ Studio
· CACHÉ application development
Are arranged side by side,
All This function and all sub functions are installed on the local hard disk. . Then,
Click Next.

I am ready to change the program.

Action: Upgrade
Instance name: TRYCACHE1
Installation directory: C: \

Is displayed and click installation.

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you see the local installation.

You have to set your preferred instance to your mac installation.
(have no mac and no idea how your virtual box talks outside)

Hi Akio,

I guess, Something went wrong installation process, Please refer cconsole.log


For Mac, you don't have Cache cube,  

What version of Cache you are using? if you have 2016.2  or about you can use Atelier instead of Studio, management portal will be in localhost.  

Still You want to play with VirualBox Windows Cache installation, After install Cache you need to add 57772 port in windows firewall Inbound Rule then only you will get access of Management Portal access out of your VirtualBox.

My suggestion, play with mac Cache installation and try out Atelier.