Robert Arevalo · Sep 21, 2020

ERROR InjectionManagerFactory not found.

Hello forum, hoping that everyone is fine, I am new to intersystems and I am trying to connect Eclipse IDE with Atelier, I have followed several tutorials but in all I have got the same error when wanting to add a server explorer.
I get: "InjectionManagerFactory not found".
What am I doing wrong? Should I install something else? Anyone know how to fix it?
Help please, in advance thanks

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Hi Robert,

To solve this issue you need to check few thing...

1.  eclipse version -- Atelier support in Photon R version.

2. OS compatible and troubleshoot in eclipse.

Hope this will help you...



Robert , while you are just beginning, I would recommend do not waste your time for Atelier, and start with VSCode

Thanks Robert Cemper  and Mohan Kumar!  my version of eclipse was not Photon R. I updated my version of Eclipse but I got a new error: "Connection timeout: check the web server configuration"

I can't find information about it on Google, what am I doing wrong?
Sorry for my lack of experience