Using a <FORM>


The OnLoadForm attribute calls a method but doesnt allow definition...


It seems to send pKey and accepts back pValues


Method LoadForm(pKey As %String,
                ByRef pValues As %String) As %Status


Is there any way to send more than just pKey as I need multiple values when loading the form.

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Hopefully somebody can help with this :

Using healthshare - Ensemble::: I have an HL7 message (ORU^R01) where I have an RTF file embeded into an OBX segment as what appears to be plain text.

example below :

How would I  extract this file out and create an email and attach this RTF file as an attachment?

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Andrew Makinson · Mar 10, 2016
Enterprise Monitor

Has anybody managed to get Enterprise Monitor to work to monitor multiple namespaces on manay instances?

I am hitting an issue trying to get a local instance namespace working.

I have this error for my first local namespace sytem configured.

"Ensemble encountered an error while loading this page"

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