· Apr 26, 2023

Collecting all elements of a Production

Hi everyone,

Before delving too deeply, I was wondering if anybody else had already looked into or had developed a tool that extracts all the elements of a production into a spreadsheet, global, array, object etc.  i.e. the Services, Processes and Operations within a production, and pulled particular properties/settings of those elements into a table - such as Ports, IP, Class, Adaptor, Timeout etc.  ideally I want to present into a web page but if you have a different outputanything that exists will be helpful.

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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This is something I wrote a long time ago; it extracts all business hosts and their settings. I've learned some things since I wrote it and would probably do a few things differently these days. It should be enough to give you some ideas, though ...

ClassMethod GetConfigs(pProduction As %String = {$G(^Ens.Runtime("Name"),$G(^Ens.Suspended,$G(^Ens.Configuration("csp","LastProduction"))))}, pFile As %String = {$System.Util.GetEnviron("HOME")_"/"_$NAMESPACE_"_hostconfigs.csv"}) As %Status
    Set tPrd = ##class(Ens.Config.Production).%OpenId(pProduction)
    Set tOut = ##class(%File).%New()
    Set tOut.Name = pFile
    Set tSC = tOut.Open("RWN")
    if '$$$ISERR(tSC)
        Set tSC = vOut.WriteLine("""Type"",""Name"",""ClassName"",""Adapter"",""Enabled"",""ConfigName"",""ConfigValue""")
    Quit:$$$ISERR(tSC) tSC
    If $ISOBJECT(tPrd)
        For i=1:1:tPrd.Items.Count()
            Set tHost = tPrd.Items.GetAt(i)
            Set tName = tHost.Name
            Set tClassName = tHost.ClassName
            Set tType = $CASE(tHost.BusinessType(),0:"Unknown",1:"Service",2:"Process",3:"Operation",4:"Actor",:"Huh?")
            Set tAdapter = $CLASSMETHOD(tClassName,"%GetParameter","ADAPTER")
            Set tEnabled = tHost.Enabled
            Set tCategory = tHost.Category
            Set tLine = """"_tType_""","""_tName_""","""_tClassName_""","""_tAdapter_""","""_tEnabled_""","""
            Do tOut.WriteLine(tLine_"Category"","""_tCategory_"""")
            For l=1:1:tHost.Settings.Count()
                Set tCfg = tHost.Settings.GetAt(l)
                Set tCfgName = tCfg.Name
                Set tCfgVal = tCfg.Value
                Set tSC = vOut.WriteLine(tLine_tCfgName_""","""_tCfgVal_"""")
                Return:$$$ISERR(tSC) tSC
        Do tOut.Close()
        Return $$$ERROR(0,"Production Not Found in this namespace")
    Return $$$OK