· May 9, 2023

Listing the calls from a business process to other business processes or operations

I need to list the calls from all business service/processes (DTL, BPL and code)  - either to another business process or a business operation. i assume this is possible, as they can draw the lines on a production diagram so imagine there must be a way to do it but im scratching my head.    Any help appreciated...

Product version: IRIS 2023.1
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If you are looking for actual call that have been made (and not purged), you can SQL query the table Ens.MessagHeader and look in the columns SourceConfigName and TargetConfigName.

The lines down in the production configuration are...well....derived looking/parsing the code and are not fully reliable/accurate depending on how you pass the target parameter to the SendRequestSync/SendRequestAsync methods (if you writhe the code of your Business Hosts).