It's hard to tell what's wrong without all (or more) details. Are you getting an error? If you're not getting an error, are you passing the correct values (values that should return records)? Also, have you tried creating a very basic stored proc in Oracle (select current_date from dual or something like that) and try to use that from IRIS? The exercise will help you eliminate variables for possible issues.

You can map an Oracle Stored procedure to IRIS method using the SQL Gateway. Once the mapping is done, you can expose it with a service or any other means IRIS provides.

Thank you. I'll check on it. 

Do you have any tips to make csp changes flow in realtime the same as classes do? I've modified the dockerfile to copy the contents of my csp directory into the container, however my edits to CSPs are not flowing realtime which forces me to rebuild the container everytime to get my updates.

OK, I'll give it a try and create a PR once I have a new config file. Thanks!

First, thanks for this. It go me up and running pretty fast (as title says!). Couple of things:

- The notes/documentation say that code will be loaded into USER namespace, however it's actually being loaded into IRISAPP (as configured in docckerfiles). 

- The jason.config is pointing to USER namespace so any new files and changes to existing will be actually loaded into USER instead of IRISAPP

- Make sure it's all consistent

- The webapp (irisweb) is missing a config for the directory where to store files. I fixed this by modifying the app in management portal. Need to address the installation file/dockerfile

- Haven't been able to make CSPs flow to the container the same as classes. I'm sure I'm missing something but haven't figured out what yet. Any tips? Maybe I'm placing files in the wrong location? Right now I created a csp/irisweb folder under src folder. 

Which value did you modify? 

The pool size takes couple values into account.

Which connection pooling are you using? If using default boot one it's Hikari and the value to change should be maximumPoolSize

The default value for connection pool size on boot is usually 10. You may want to set this value to 1 or 2 for testing purposes (if using the IRIS community version).

The confusion here is that you created 3 class mappings for a single global (not a good practice) and your understanding is that they're just "views", however the 3 of them are full class/tables with the same properties/ownership of the data. With that in mind, using SQL DROP statement has the same effect for any of the 3 tables/classes  (if DDL were allowed).  As others have pointed out, you can accomplish what you're trying to do with DROP %NODELDATA or by removing the class definition (either from Studio or programatically). 

If you wanted to declare views instead of tables then you need to do so via SQL CREATE VIEW statement.

One variation to #1 would be to  pass an object. It provides for readability (assuming property names are legible) and would allow for flexibility if you need to add a new parameter in the future (method signature doesn't need to change).