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To expand on David's answer, you'd have to do something like

S query = "query 1"

S query2 = " UNION query 2"

I doUnion S query = query_query2

S rs = ##class(%ResultSet).%New(query)


Flyway (and Liquibase) allows migrations to be written in SQL so you don't need a fully integration to be able to use them with Cache/IRIS. Fully integrating (e.g. extending Flyway) would provide access to other automations and features that otherwise are not available with just SQL e.g. using the same script in different DBMS. In the case of Liquibase, automated rollback generation, etc.

You should be able to use the $SYSTEM.SQL.DATEADD("hh",1,$H)

It returns a timestamp you'd need to convert back to $H format if that's what you need.

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