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Few options without knowing much about current setup and the use case (eg. how much involvement you want to have in the process)

  • Synchronizing(shadow) between the 2 instances - Global export/import
  • Global mapping from one instance to another
    • You could merge global from source to target
  •  File transfer (traditional ETL) and manipulating the global directly (risky but doable) 

Hi Garcia,

Thanks for the response.

Can you please provide the step-by-step process for the above question?

So, I will follow that step and copy data for the same.

I totally agree with Warlin that it really depends on what you are trying to do and your current setup. My interpretation of your question is that you are trying to migrate your data / user settings to a new server / instance?

I would say to use the server migration guide as a starting point - but definitely test the process since you're crossing versions also which is beyond the scope of that documentation.

Yes, Vic Sun

I am migrating data from IRIS 2019 to 2021 instance. Also, I follow server migration guide documentation.

But, When I copied data from 2019 to 2021 DB. There is mismatching the data into the tables. So, How can I resolve this?


It's not possible to answer that question without knowing exactly what you did and probably looking at the system. What constitutes a "data mismatch"?

You could reach out to the WRC (InterSystems support).