Have you checked to see if there is another app using the Port? I know that sometimes the Shutdown doesn't always shutdown the Java Gateways properly, especially if you failover, and fail back to the primary. We have it scripted to make sure that if a Shutdown occurs or if the mirror fails over that the Java Gateways are properly shutdown.

Using the following within a Code action I got no errors... 

 set tPatient = $CLASSMETHOD("HS.FHIRModel.R4.Patient","fromDao",tRawJSON)

However as soon as I tried it within a Set action in the DTL I got errors...

ERROR <Ens>ErrBPTerminated: Terminating BP TEST_FHIR_PATIENT_SEARCH # due to error: ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <UNDEFINED>%Construct+1 ^osuwmc.Demo.FHIRPlace.BPL.FHIRDataCollector.Context.1 *HS -- logged as '-'
number - @'
Set i%%Concurrency=$zu(115,10),i%%LastError=1,i%tPatient=HS.FHIRModel.R4.Patient'
> ERROR <Ens>ErrException: <UNDEFINED>%Construct+1 ^osuwmc.Demo.FHIRPlace.BPL.FHIRDataCollector.Context.1 *HS -- logged as '-'
number - @'
Set i%%Concurrency=$zu(115,10),i%%LastError=1,i%tPatient=HS.FHIRModel.R4.Patient'

if I go back to using the Code action, how can I guarantee that tPatient gets into the target?

Other issues that we have noticed are..

  • Textual Search through Ctrl-F (Browser) no longer works.
  • Search within Rule Editor does not highlight or take you to the code you are searching for.
  • It is very difficult to Add any Rules, Expressions, Code, etc.. within the Application
  • In Expression boxes, can’t copy/paste from other rules.
  • In Send Command, it is very difficult to add the target.
    • Not allowed to type, paste, and type ahead search does not work.
    • Even highlighting the Target with your mouse does not automatically add it to the Target.
    • Its automatically putting a “,” before the Target, even if you click the check box next to the Target.
    • Can’t type ahead or paste translation within Translation Expression. You must scroll through the entire list; we have a lot of translations we have to now search through.

I have sent this feedback to InterSystems.

This is all relatively new to me, so please bear with me. Since I am getting a Token it's not the same as OAuth, correct? Nothing in the Vendors documentation says that it is OAuth, it just says..."Authentication method is a token-based approach".

So, if that is the case, I can't use the %SYS.OAuth2.AccessToken methods to verify IsAuthorized, and GetAccessTokenClient correct?