I meant how do I inner join across namespaces in SQL? I was trying to write a query or use some of the Cache code above to connect the two together for my boss. Thanks

How do I connect the %SYS to our Production namespace in SQL to tie the date/times to the Class file?

Unfortunately we do not log that Auditing item, as I tried creating a new Operation, but did not see an entry in the Audit log. 

Is there anywhere else a Creation Date/Insert date maybe logged for an object?

Is there a way to tell when a Config Item was created within Ens_Config?

Currently there is a select few of us in the group that use Git and Local Repos for VS code, but I want to make this more wide spread for our team as most use the Editors off of the Management Portal to do their coding. 

Does anyone have steps they have used in the past to move towards Server Side Source Control from creating the Repos on your Server, getting the IRIS Code into the new Repo you created on your server, and pushing it to github?

It only needs to run if we inserted data into the tables once a week so how would we do that besides EnableConfigItem script?  I was looking to trigger the event based on if the service A and process A had been completed. 

Some of our Objects are run as jobs to insert/update, or process data in an external database. Since MS SQL Integration Server (ssis) is limited in logging and notifications, I thought it was best to move it over to IRIS/Ensemble so the rest of my team could Support. 

You could route it within the Business Rule to only send at certain times of the day but then you would need a custom business file operation for the second piece you are looking for. 

Using Ens.Director EnableConfig Item someone in our team wrote a shell script that runs on cron to start and stop objects. Or run it off the scheduler or task schedule.