So far we have ended up with like 4 routing rules just for ADT alone to get it do the Ancillary systems.  

From what I read is the basic purge does not take care of the orphaned messages. That's why there is this manual step we have to configure.

That was my mistake I needed to replace tVal with tFound.

When I feed a lab result through with OBX:3.1 valued, it is not being identified in this WHEN statement. Any other suggestions?

I should of explained this a bit better.

We have 3 servers, 2 (A,B) Locally, 1 (C) offsite.

Currently we are running on Server B. If I do a backup of Server B on 2015.2.2, can I restore it on Server C after it has been upgraded to 2019.1. 

I was wondering if the Full System Backups were compatible across versions of Health Share/Health Connect, since 2019.1 everything changed from ccontrol to iris.

I thought I would give this a shot before bugging WRC, but I'll go ahead and ask them.



so how would the code block look like for the following... How do I return the EnsLib.SQL.Snapshot?



Can you explain further, I guess I am not following?



What do you mean by "After that you need to create an instance of this class and add it to HeaderOut property of your WS client."

I created the custom header as suggested above

Class osuwmc.Epic.CustomHeader Extends %SOAP.Header

Parameter XMLFORMAT = "literal";


Parameter NAMESPACE = "urn:epic-com.2013.Interconnect.Headers";

Parameter XMLTYPE = "Epic-Client-ID";

Property Value As %String(MAXLEN = 36, XMLPROJECTION = "CONTENT") [ InitialExpression = "12349fe5-2ff8-4b79-b723-e69efbabcdef" ];


then in my operation I did the following...

Method AddCustomHeaderElement(mustUnderstand = 0)
set h=##class(osuwmc.Epic.CustomHeader).%New()
if mustUnderstand{set h.mustUnderstand = 1}
Do ..HeadersOut.SetAt(h,"osuwmc.Epic.CustomHeader")

but still got an error on HeadersOut.

What is HeadersOut and where do I set it?