Mike Dawson · Nov 30, 2021
Healthshare Connect

Hi Guys,

Is there a community version of Healthshare Connect? I know there is for Iris proper but I can't seem to find the Healthshare Connect Community version.



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We need to upgrade from Healthshare 2016.2 to HealthConnect latest but we are too far behind the current version to do an upgrade in situ.

So I need to create a new instance of HealthConnect and the copy across all the database definitions, namespaces and classes.

I know its possible to script this stuff and pull all the definitions out of the old Healthshare system and then apply them to the new HealthConnect instance.

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Hello Community,

We want to send ALL updates from our Cache server to a remote SQL Server instance that will be used as a reporting data warehouse.

Has anyone done this already and if so what is the best way to go about setting this up?




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Mike Dawson · Oct 10, 2018
WebTerminal : blank screen

I just downloaded and installed the latest WebTerminal into my local copy of Healthshare 2016.2.1

I installed via studio and everything compiled without error.

However when I run it I just see a black screen. The help window at the bottom of the screen pops open when I type '/' but I just can't get any response.

Any suggestions as to how to trouble shoot this?


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I have a class thus:-

Class RMH.ClinDoc.Response.GetEPRDisplayResponse Extends Ens.Response [ProcedureBlock]


Property GetEPRDisplayResult As %XML.String;


The property GetEPRDisplayResult contains html content.

When I write out the property in a terminal, all the html special character content is encoded e.g. '<' is &lt; '>' is &gt ; etc....

I want to display this html in a browser and have it render as normal.

So my question is how to I store html content in a cache object such that it renders correctly in a browser?

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Hi Developer community

Does anyone know where the custom message filters for the message browser live? You can load and save by name and existing filters appear in a list. I want to export them from an existing production and import then into a new one.

Thanks in advance


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