How to create a web service that receives a stream data type

Hi Community,


Has anyone ever set up a web service that takes a stream data type as an argument? The client will be dotNet.


This is the error I see:-


      <faultstring>Badly formed SOAP Message</faultstring>
    <error xmlns=''>
     <text>ERROR #5002: Cache error: &lt;INVALID OREF&gt;XMLLOOP+9^WebService.eDCGold.GetRootKeyLocalRef.1</text>

I have switched to a string data type for now and that is working fine. However it could be >32k so I would prefer to use a stream.






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I have received a stream before as follows in my WebService client:

Method MyWebMethod(pAction As %String = "",  ByRef pFile As %FileCharacterStream = "", ByRef pDataSet As %XML.DataSet = "") As %xsd.base64Binary [ Final, ProcedureBlock = 1, SoapBindingStyle = document, SoapBodyUse = literal, WebMethod ]


I am able to use this method signature to both receive files from the web service as well as send files to the web service.

Hope that helps!


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply. Is the web service you are calling a Cache web service? If so could you show the function signature?