Hi Nikita,

Thanks for the reply, I deleted the WebTerminal classes from the original namespace (USER) and re-installed into a differed namespace and it started working immediately. How solid is the VT100? I tried running %GD but got a blank reply even though there are many globals in that namespace?

That was Firefox. This is with Google Chrome. Why is it going to intersystems-community on F5?

Hi Eduard,

Thanks from trying this. I definitely have a /terminal application in the SMP and already given %All role but just see black screen

Thanks Evgeny.

The docs say WebTerminal works on Ensemble/Healthshare > 2014.1 but there is no extra info an installing on Healthshare.



Thanks Robert,  that is exactly what we needed.

We added "bry" to the default compiler flags

do $System.OBJ.ShowFlags()

You can set them for a namespace or system-wide


Hi there,

Try LIKE 'PARA%' (All upper case)

Best MikeD


Can you send me a join code? I just tried my WRC credentials but no joy.


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