No.   You should place your FOIA CACHE.DAT into it's its own directory and then in the system management portal create a local database and namespace.   When creating the database you will identify the directory where you placed your IRIS.DAT file.

Hi Ignacio

I think your next step is to get your CACHE.DAT that contains RPMS up and running on IRIS.

1.     Copy your (dismounted) CACHE.DAT file to the cloud server

2.     Rename the file to IRIS.DAT

3.     Create a Database/Namespace in IRIS that uses this database file.
          (dont forget to add all of the appropriate RPMS global and routine mappings)

Once you get to this point everything else is application related and the best source for information about that would be the Indian Health Service themselves.  

further, the url you are using indicates that you are connecting thru the internal web server installed when you installed the instance which is intended for SMP access only and development.  You should switch to a production quality web server for SSL support

Hi David

SSL for a web service hosted by ISC back-end is handled through the web server.   You  need to configure the web server to handle the SSL.

This procedure involves generating a certificate and setting up the ssl connection inside the web server software.  That process varies based on the web server you are running.

I would do something like this.

if pVersion?1"v"1n.n {

     // Parameter is well formed vnnn

} else {

     // Parameter is not well formed