Obviously the class keywords and source could diverge and become incompatible.

That said, take a look at the header in the export file.  Should be as simple as changing IRIS to cache

Hi Yakov

First, I wouldn't implement this kind of logic in a business service.  I would have a business service that immediately passes a message to a business operation and then perform these functions there (or possibly in business operations).   Services should not be long-running which building and querying a staging table seems like it might take some time.

I think I may have it.  Basically I. Base64.encoding the file on the client side and will need to decide it on the server.  

I need to do a little more testing and debugging in the morning and will post the solution.


Check %SYSTEM.INetInfo.   I think it probably contains a method to serve your purpose 


Even in a http POST, url variables are found in %request.Data.  The content stream will contain the body of your post.

I'm not really familiar with this service but it looks like there's a format problem with some content field.   Maybe Telephone 

Task manager seems very appropriate here.

VA is doing some of this with their productions.   Auto disabling services after one execution.

If  you want to q global search and replace you can use the %RCHANGE utility from a terminal session.

I'm going to allow someone more familiar with Docker answer this.   It's clearly a permissions issue biut is it a issue inside or outside the container?   I don't know