Task manager seems very appropriate here.

VA is doing some of this with their productions.   Auto disabling services after one execution.

Install on local workstation and create a connection that points to the cloud server

If  you want to q global search and replace you can use the %RCHANGE utility from a terminal session.

I'm going to allow someone more familiar with Docker answer this.   It's clearly a permissions issue biut is it a issue inside or outside the container?   I don't know

What user is IRIS running a

Do a ps -ef and make sure the user listed for all of the Iris processes has write permissions to the directory.

Do you have anyone that has worked with ISC technology before or Linux?   If not I would suggest perhaps getting someone with a little experience here.

This is a permission issue.   The ^ZUSET routine needs to be able to write to the database and cant because it was mounted read-only because of the IRIS.lck issue.   There is a permission issue at the linux level on the directory where your database is stored.   Need to make sure it's set properly so that the user which IRIS runs under has write permissions to the directory.

Then you can unmount and remount the database and it should solve your problem.

You could do one of a couple things.

1.Export all the ROUTINES to a file using %RO and then use a linux tool or something else to make the global replace


2.Simply use the %RCHANGE utility at the IRIS command prompt to do the global routine change.   I certainly would recommend verifying each change.

Now you need to create a Namespace that uses your RPMS database for routines and globals.

Refer to the doc link I sent earlier on Creating Namespaces.