· Feb 1, 2019

Is there any documentation of current mapping from FHIR resources to SDA3?

Looking at the DTL, we can pretty much understand what the provided mapping from FHIR to SDA3.

But, is there any Intersystems document, where the mapping To/From FHIR is documented, at least FHIR to SDA3 ?

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Hi Bachhar.

Are you running InterSystems IRIS for Health? And are you interested in mappings for FHIR STU3 or DSTU2?

The level of support for FHIR is different for each product (and version), so please provide information about the product and version you are running (InterSystems IRIS for Health, HealthShare Health Connect, or HS Information Exchange).

No additional documentation currently exists for mappings between FHIR DSTU2 and SDA, but for STU3, depending on what product/version you are running, there is a  page/utility in the Management Portal called FHIR Annotations where you can search and view data mappings for different FHIR STU3 resources (in a table format). 

For HealthShare: 

The following is from the help document (search FHIR Annotations and select the FHIR Annotations Utility which Craig referred to)

To access the FHIR annotations:

  1. Log in to the Management Portal on your ODS instance.

  2. Select HealthShare.

  3. Select the name of your ODS namespace.

  4. Navigate to Schema Documentation > FHIR Annotations.

The Help Doc provides some additional screen shots and info.

Hi Bachhar,

FYI, HealthShare can refer to HealthShare Information Exchange or HealthShare Health Connect. Please clarify which one you are using including the version. If it is HealthShare Information Exchange, my response is below.

ODS is a clinical data store and it is a new feature available with HealthShare Information Exchange 2018.1. Assuming this is the version of HealthShare Information Exchange that you are using, you can find more information about ODS in your documentation including how to set it up. It stands for Operational Data Store.

If you want to work with FHIR resources in Information Exchange, ODS is required in your environment. As Michael and Craig explained previously, FHIR Annotations page that you seek is only available from ODS namespace in HealthShare Information Exchange. In other words, you should create an ODS production if you don't already have one (by using HealthShare Installer Wizard). Then following the same steps as before, you should be able to see the FHIR Annotations tab in your management portal.

Thanks for the feedback, and my particular interest does involve working with VA/VHA migration; however, in my research I found

the following, which may provide an answer to any who may be interested...


A vaccination is a special kind of medication.

  • SDA Object ClassHS.SDA3.Vaccination
  • TableHSAA.Vaccination
  • Relevant CubeVaccinations


InterSystems maintains a document (in Microsoft Excel format) that contains detailed information on the source or potential sources of data for each element in the DeepSee cubes.

To obtain a copy of this document, contact the InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC) and request the Health Insight cube data details spreadsheet.

If you are running IRIS for Health

From the management portal, assuming you have a Foundation namespace created you can click Health -> <select foundation namespace> -> Schema Documentation -> FHIR Annotations

If you do not have a foundation namespace created, click

Health -> Install Wizard -> Configure Foundation

Enter the name for the Namespace, click Save and then click Activate

Once you have created a Foundation namespace you should be able to access the FHIR Annotations as mentioned above.

The same holds true for Health Connect instances as well, I believe.

ODS namespaces are applicable to HealthShare Unified Care Record instances and sounds like it's not applicable to your situation.