sapna gera · Aug 7, 2017

Problem with Server side methods

getting "The value of the property 'cspHttpServerMethod' is null or undefined, not a Function object" error while executing the csp page. All the server side methods stop working at this time although javascript functions still work but until the point where a server side method is getting called. Any clues why we get such error.

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pls. add some details on Caché version & os


From what you've provided, this looks like a javascript error simply indicating that the function it's looking for doesn't exist. How are you calling cspHttpServerMethod? In the section Calling Server-side Methods Using #server on this documentation chapter, the proper javascript syntax is given to call server-side methods.

For example from the doc,

function test(value)
   // invoke server-side method Test


This can happen when you are doing class based CSP coding and forget to add the #(..HyperEventHead())# call to the header of your document