Hello community,

I need to know if there is any method which can me say specified imported files or namespaces in Cache.

To better specification of my problem, I've got two installer manifests. Firts one did some resource changing and import some files and classes, second one must be started after the first one, because it's only his update, which creates some nemaspaces. So i need to check if the first manifest ran succesful and I can start the second one.

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· Jul 30, 2019
Working with $ZF function

Good morning,

I'm trying to understand $ZF function, but only documentation isn't enought in this way. So my question is is there any possibility to get enviroment variable by this function into ensemble?

I've tried this as example from ducumentation, but there is an error and I don't know why...

Thanks for your solutions.


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as you can see in title my problem is with file ccontrol. I want to install whole Ensemble with Manifest if on machine wouldn't be any, or if I somehow find out instance of Ensemble I want to only use settings from included Manifest. I read that I can use file ccontrol to solve this task.

So can someone said me, how to work with ccontrol, is there some variable or function which returns me somethig? I have read some parts of documentation about ccontrol, but nothing help me so much, so you can give me link to part in documentation, where is this desribed.

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