· Jul 31, 2019

How to verify, that manifest was installed?

Hello community,

I need to know if there is any method which can me say specified imported files or namespaces in Cache.

To better specification of my problem, I've got two installer manifests. Firts one did some resource changing and import some files and classes, second one must be started after the first one, because it's only his update, which creates some nemaspaces. So i need to check if the first manifest ran succesful and I can start the second one.

Is it good way trying to do this by some method or are there some other, better ways maybe by ccontrol, I don't know?

Thanks so much for your help and time

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Hello Zdeněk,

The answer to your question probably depends on the specifics of what you are trying to do and what your constraints are. Is there any consideration to combining the two installer manifests into one? In your previous post you mention an unattended install, so I assume this is related to the .cmd file you are attempting to create. I wasn't aware that an unattended install could run multiple manifests; is that possible or are you running the second manifest manually?

You could use conditional <If> tags in the installation manifest if you wanted to perform some verification. You could use <Invoke> to run whatever method you want to confirm that your first manifest was carried out. For example, you could write and import a simple method that leverages $SYSTEM.OBJ.GetClassList to check that your classes exist. If your method isn't able to run that would also be evidence that the first manifest did not succeed.

%SYS.Namespace.Exists would confirm whether a namespace exists.

Alternatively, you could use the <Log> functionality of the installer manifest and then read the log.

Hope that gives you some ideas! I did see that Dan Kutac replied to one of your other posts - it seems like he is working with you on your manifest so I think he would be able to help you with this.