I know about GetEnviron() but it's not working, let's see...

It set's me empty string into variable in Cache and I don't know how to fix it. I've got export variable in bash script, but this method doesn't see that. If I use system varieble in windows it's working fine, but I need to use only user/enviroment variables... That's why I'm trying to use $ZF function.. but it doesn't work to..

After long thinking and reading some documentation, I'm maybe closer to solve this problem.

I stardet using ccotrol and by this commad I started terminal where I'm trying to invoke some code.

It looks like this:

But as you can see terminal returns me Access Denied. I don't know why.. I've installed Ensemble with minimal security parameters.

Is this information or porgress somehow helpful for you, can you now give me some advices how to do this?

Thanks again!

In .cmd file is this:


cd /

cd InterSystems\bin

type NUL > file.txt

ccontrol qlist Cache nodisplay > file.txt

set instance = ""

FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=^" %%x in (file.txt) DO set instance=%%x

echo %instance%

IF "%instance%" NEQ "" (

    csession Cache -U%SYS < C:\Users\Zdenda\Desktop\run.script

) ELSE (
    Echo Somenthing goes wrong with error number %ERRORLEVEL%.

del file.txt

::FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=^" %%x in (file.txt) DO echo %%x


And in file run.script is this code:

Do $system.OBJ.Load("C:\Users\Zdenda\Desktop\install\Installer.xml", "c")
Do ##class(User.Installer).setup()

I really don't know why.. Thanks a lot..

Ok finally I try to put there this line of code do ##class(User.Installer).setup()  but as you can guess it doesn't working, According to documentation it should be COS code is that right? Then I tried put there Installer file, but it's .xml it must be rouitne or not? 

I'm appologise, that I restrain you, but I started recently and I'm not completely friend with Ensemble.

Again thank you for your time.

Ok thank you I've got it, but I've got here something else, if I do this verify and result will be, that Ensemble is installed, how can I start only Manifest, my idea was, that I could invoke Ensemble terminal by ccontrol, and somehow type here commands, but is there any possibyllity how can I do this only from cmd, without typing by my hands?

Thank you, I'm so grateful to you.