Yes ok, this working me too that's not problem, but... I want to set variable in, like in your example, but then I want to run script by this comand

./csession Cache -U "%SYS" <".....\run.script"

But when I started this script it hasn't access to setted variable from cmd. But if I saw your example it gives me some idea, which I need to try.

Ok thanks, but "problem" with function $ZF I've fixed, but as I mentioned higer my biggest problem now is with enviroment variables and their usage in menifest.

But thanks so much for your time.

I know about GetEnviron() but it's not working, let's see...

It set's me empty string into variable in Cache and I don't know how to fix it. I've got export variable in bash script, but this method doesn't see that. If I use system varieble in windows it's working fine, but I need to use only user/enviroment variables... That's why I'm trying to use $ZF function.. but it doesn't work to..

Yes ok I understand, now I can succesfuly execute by $ZF(-1) but still I don't know if it's wothit for me, how can I get my variables from script into Cache?

I've got this version so it should be allright

If i thy $ZF(-1) it's better but still not best.

I've try it but i returns me Access denied error(318). I've tried Admin, Normal user, with password, without password, but nothing... :/

Yes ok, variant with system variables isn't worthit for me. But if i want run Ensemble under user account I should specify that in instalation is that right?

After long thinking and reading some documentation, I'm maybe closer to solve this problem.

I stardet using ccotrol and by this commad I started terminal where I'm trying to invoke some code.

It looks like this:

But as you can see terminal returns me Access Denied. I don't know why.. I've installed Ensemble with minimal security parameters.

Is this information or porgress somehow helpful for you, can you now give me some advices how to do this?

Thanks again!