· Jul 23, 2019
Routing Rule New Line Syntax

Hi all,

I'm working on a routing rule for Ens.Alert. I'd like to add some text to the email alert but I'm having trouble formatting the text. I want a new line after the original alert with my own text. I will attach a screenshot. Looking at the "assign" line, I'm looking for what I need to use in place of "\r\n" to make a new line.

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· Jul 16, 2019
Interface Monitoring

Hi all,

I'm looking to set up monitoring for several interfaces. I understand that I can set an Inactivity Timeout. However, obviously there are messages coming through more frequently during certain hours than other hours.

Is there a way to set an Inactivity Timeout for each hour of the day instead of one value that is used all day long?



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