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Hi Jeff.

Since I'm one of the cool kids, I used $C. However, I get the following error whether I use $C, $CHAR and $Char.  If I get rid of the $C(13,10) then my new text appends to Document.AlertText as I would expect. I have gone through the documentation but I'm not finding anything. Any suggestions? It seems like it should be simple. 



Unfortunately, yes I am. Following in his footsteps by majoring in Computer Science.

You're being much more helpful on this project than he is. He's a better Dad than he is a boss cheeky

Thank you for the reply.

I'm an intern and have been tasked with figuring out how to monitor the interfaces, taking into account the different message rates throughout a 24 hour period.

The lead interface programmer here, who I'm working under, tells me that I should refer to you as "The Mighty Jeff Drumm."  He says to say "Hi".



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