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Hi all,

I'm working on a routing rule for Ens.Alert. I'd like to add some text to the email alert but I'm having trouble formatting the text. I want a new line after the original alert with my own text. I will attach a screenshot. Looking at the "assign" line, I'm looking for what I need to use in place of  "\r\n" to make a new line. 

(I had troubles uploading the screenshot, but the only thing that is missing in the picture is the end of the sentence and an ending ")




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As @Brian Schoen alluded to, $CHAR -- abbreviated to $C if you want to be one of the cool kids -- is what you need. $C(13,10) is the line-end sequence in Windows. $C(10) is Unix. $C(13), though, is old-school Macintosh* laugh


* Also works for HL7 Segment delimiters wink

Hi Jeff.

Since I'm one of the cool kids, I used $C. However, I get the following error whether I use $C, $CHAR and $Char.  If I get rid of the $C(13,10) then my new text appends to Document.AlertText as I would expect. I have gone through the documentation but I'm not finding anything. Any suggestions? It seems like it should be simple. 



Mmmyyyeaaaaaah, You're going to want to do that in a DTL:

Create a rule that appends the text to the target.AlertText property:

You can add conditionals to provide different alert explanation values based on the SourceConfigName or by parsing the source.AlertText text to find something interesting.

Finally, stick the DTL in the Send rule for whatever operation you're sending alerts to.

I do this via a DTL, but I would think it would work here.  I use $char(13).


Good luck,