· May 1, 2023
CCR View Page Release


As of today, all CCR users default to the new view UI on new logins. We don't expect any issues, but please report anything that you encounter.

All users will continue to have access to the classic UI for some time via a button at the top and bottom of the view page (see below).

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· Mar 6, 2023
CCR View Page Opt-In Release

Hello CCR Users,

The new CCR view page is now available to all users via an opt-in toggle a at the top and bottom of the view page.

We hope all users will give the new UI a try and provide us with any feedback that you have through your normal support channels.

Thank you to the beta users who have been using this page for a while, making sure its full release goes smoothly! You can always update your beta user status here.


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Today we have made the new CCR view page the default for CCR beta users.

The option to toggle back to the classic UI is available in the navigation bar at the top and bottom of the page.

Please let us know of any issues you encounter or general feedback you have on the page, and thank you to everyone who tried the page in its initial release and provided us with great feedback already!

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· Oct 19, 2022
CCR View Page Beta Release

Starting today, we have release the new CCR view page to beta users!

As the view page contains a lot of functionality, we are giving users the ability to toggle their session between the new UI and the classic UI view pages. Your sessions will default to the classic UI for now, but beta users will see a "View in New UI" button in the nav bar for Tier 0 and 1 CCRs:

Similarly, the new UI page will have a "View in Classic UI" button at the top:

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· May 4, 2022
CCR Angular Pages Update

We have released 6 angular pages to all users from their beta testing phase:

Transition, Create, Clone, Merge, Standard Changes, and Peer Review Docs.

Any issues or feedback can be reported here or in your regular support channels. Non beta users can toggle their beta status here in the CCR app.

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Hello CCR Users,

This is a last call for feedback on a few Angular pages in beta before we release them to all CCR Users later this month.

These pages will be released from beta:

  • Create CCR
  • Clone CCR
  • Merge CCRs
  • Group Details
  • Standard Changes
  • Peer Review Docs

Group, Standard Changes and Peer Review Docs are lower traffic pages, so we especially appreciate feedback on those.

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· Jan 28, 2022 2m read
Embedded SQL Bug and Workaround

We recently encountered an Embedded SQL issue while upgrading to IRIS 2021.1, and thought the issue and workaround might be interesting to share.

Key takeaway: Host variables in an ORDER BY clause of an embedded SQL query that is inside of a method don't work as expected. IRIS versions starting with 2020.1 are affected. As a workaround, add the host variable to the Method's PublicList list and "new" them so the embedded query has access to them.

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As of today, the Angular Create CCR page is now live for CCR Beta Users. Beta testers will be sent to the Angular create page from anywhere you would normally create a CCR. No existing functionality will be lost.

Any issues or feedback can be reported here or in your regular support channels.

Many thanks to our CCR UI beta testers! If you would like to join the beta tester program, you can enable the checkbox on your CCR user page here.

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Earlier this year, the AppS.REST package was released. AppS.REST is a framework for easily exposing existing persistent classes in IRIS as REST resources. AppS.REST-enabled classes support CRUD operations with little effort from the developer, bridging the gap between persistent data in IRIS and data consumers, such as an Angular front end application.

But IRIS classes are much more than just a definition for loading and saving individual records! This article aims to highlight a few ways to leverage the power of IRIS in your REST applications. Using the Phone.Contact sample app, we'll look at out-of-the-box query support, use of class queries and finally ObjectScript methods.

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· Nov 8, 2016 4m read
Introduction to Outlier Selectivity

Beginning in Caché 2013.1, InterSystems introduced Outlier Selectivity to improve query plan selection involving fields with one atypical value.

In this article, I hope to use an example 'Projects' table to demonstrate what Outlier Selectivity is, how it helps SQL performance and a few considerations for writing queries.

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