Matthew Giesmann · Nov 15, 2021

CCR Angular UI Transition Page for Beta Testers

CCR Beta Users will now be directed to the Angular Transition CCR page for markENVComplete and passPeerReview transitions.  Other CCR transitions will go into beta soon.

Please raise any issues or feedback here or in your regular support channels.

Many thanks to our CCR UI beta testers!  If you would like to join the beta tester program, you can enable the checkbox on your CCR user page here.

Update:  As of 2/1/2022, we've most transitions are included in the beta.  The few stragglers will be added soon.

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Congratulations @Matthew Giesmann!!  Nice work on this challenging project.  

One small note - please change the font on your first paragraph - looks like it might be using Header or something like that.

I look forward to seeing this extended