My VS Code plugin "InterSystems Objectscript" upgraded to version 0.8.7 but the server settings no longer visible in extension settings and can no longer connect to our InterSystems server.

What has chnaged and how do we set the server connectio up? I checked the JSON file and it still has the settings as it was before but it is not connecting.


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We have a situation where we want to save the patient photo (or any other attachment) received via FHIR to a persistent property without decoding it. When it is sent out again using FHIR is is stored in the encoded format and need not be encoded. We do not need to decode it for our application. We always use it on another system that retrieves it or saves it via FHIR and therefore it is always received or sent embedded in JSON.

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I am integrating with Front End using ODBC to the Caché tables.

I have a property of type %Library.Time in one of the Caché classes FrontEnd which is in C#, it is not possible in C# to represent only a Time type, it always has a date as well (DateTime type, no Time only in C#), but that is fine, should not be a problem, so for Time the date simply defaults to 1900/01/01. 

Now when this is sent to Caché it does not like it and I would like to understand why because this is causing us not to be able to use a Caché property of type TIME ever.

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I am playing with the FHIR Sandbox.

I want to sort the patients returned in the bundle from the Patient search using the _sort (according to FHIR standard the _sort parameter is what should be used to sort), but I get: "Invalid request URL parameter _sort specified"


So I am having to assume that InterSystems did not implement _sort.

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I am having a problem in REST service when de-serializing JSON using a nested Property.

I am new to Intersystems and my first time creating REST Service. I setup Atelier dev environment. The worst IDE I have ever worked in. I was able to  attach to a process in the debug perspective and step through the code, but one cannot see contents of variables nor print anything to the console, so it is useless as a debugging tool. When looking at a variable all it displays is its type of the variable and if I try to "watch" I get:

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