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Good day,

I would very much like to install this example on my local instance. However, I cannot find installer.xml on "corrresponding page". Which is the "corresponding page" please? I downloaded the solution from Github, but also there is no installer.xml. I will apprecitae it if you can point me to the "corresponding page" where the installer.xml is please.

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for posting Eduard, you are absolutely right, I scratched around and was just about to post here the solution I found, but it is the same as you are suggesting, so I sovled it by covnerting the date sting to Caché date format with:

Set consumerRecord.ActivePeriod.StartDate = $ZDATEH(obj.activePeriod.startDate, 15)

But the IsValid check I did not know about and will be very handy, because yes, if the date is empty string or not valid the above conversion threw an error as well and I do not want an error since the date may be empty, so I have to test it first, so will add that now. And yes, we are using IRIS, so the %PosicTime tip is handy too.

Apologies, I forgot to add the REST service code, the POST "AddConsumer" uses "CopyToConsumerFromJSON" and this is the one where the de-serialized dynamic object is assigned to the Consumer record:

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