· Sep 26, 2019

FHIR Sandbox sort by family not available

I am playing with the FHIR Sandbox.

I want to sort the patients returned in the bundle from the Patient search using the _sort (according to FHIR standard the _sort parameter is what should be used to sort), but I get: "Invalid request URL parameter _sort specified"


So I am having to assume that InterSystems did not implement _sort.

Or it may be a named something else, why I say so is that there is something else that they "renamed", that is the "stateId" they renamed to "queryId", this refers to the stateId returned in the "Link" URL of the bundle with which you fetch subsequent pages, they nicely just went and renamed it to queryId ignoring FHIR standard? See the snippet of the link URL below.

So if they ignore FHIR standard for the stateId, then I am thinking perhaps also for _sort it was named something else. Anybody know please?

"link": [
   "relation": "first",
   "url": ""
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Hi Elize,

In the FHIR Sandbox and with HealthShare Unified Care Record (HSUCR) Operational Data Store (ODS) access in general, the Patient search query is the only resource type search query that does not support sorting. _sort is supported for other resource types. Apologies for this not being clear.

Regarding stateId vs queryId, the FHIR specification does show an illustrated example of paging links in a returned Bundle, and does show stateId as the URL query parameter used. However, it is only an example. The links returned from the search should be used as is by the client.

Paul Lomayesva
InterSystems Corporation