Elize VdRiet · Jul 27, 2020

VS Code InterSystems Objectscript extension version 0.8.7 no longer connects to server

My VS Code plugin "InterSystems Objectscript" upgraded to version 0.8.7 but the server settings no longer visible in extension settings and can no longer connect to our InterSystems server.

What has chnaged and how do we set the server connectio up? I checked the JSON file and it still has the settings as it was before but it is not connecting.


Screenshot of the settings json and then on the left a timer icon on the InterSystems icon and blue line running from left to right at top as it tries to conenct to server. I downgraded to version 0.8.6 setup settings again as before and it connects, there is nothing wrong with my connection to the server, it is the extension.

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I had that happen with mine, where the port AND namespace completely disappeared from the connection objects. I had to add both back in at the lowest level, then close VSCode and re-open it for the changes to take effect. (Closing the Workspace probably also would work).

(I also installed the IS Server manager extension before checking the ObjectScript tab. I don't think that changed anything, but mentioning it just in case.)

I wonder why we can't edit the connection settings directly from the extension settings themselves anymore, but I guess that's a question for the repo.