You can enter the arguments to pass into a Run/Debug Configuration here:

I'm not sure what you mean by the "select class file" that you are trying to pass in. Here is the method signature for %UnitTest.Manager/DebugRunTestCase:

ClassMethod DebugRunTestCase(testsuite As %String = "", testcase As %String = "", qspec As %String = "", testmethod As %String = "", ByRef userparam) As %Status

Which parameter are you trying to pass in?

I added it as a comment because there is still an unanswered question (why the Server option is disabled in the Replace With menu). So I figured I'd leave the post without an answer until each of your questions has an answer.

Hi John,

To answer your first question - I just looked over the development change that implemented the compare with server option. The developer commented that this has only been implemented in the Atelier Explorer context menu so far and that this feature will be coming up in the Editor context menu. I don't have a timeline for you on that.

I'll have to let someone from the development team speak to your second question. I'm not sure why the replace with server option appears and is disabled.

As a member of the Support team, I also wanted to let you know that you can absolutely file a WRC case with Atelier questions! The product options we provide are intended to find out which of our server products you are using. Feel free to ask any Atelier questions you'd prefer to keep separate from the Developer Community in the WRC (for example, if you have a question that you expect will require a lot of back-and-forth to reach a conclusion).


Thanks for reporting this Peter. It looks like Atelier is not properly recognizing the end of a class' Query member. I found a couple other ways that this issue presents itself - a syntax error on the closing bracket of the class before you compile, and any class members following the Query are not listed in the Outline.

I logged this bug for the Atelier development team (internal reference ATL-4372).

Hi Fred, I was not able to reproduce this behavior on my system. What version of Atelier are you using (Help > About Atelier)? What Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare server version (enter "write $zv" in a Caché Terminal)?

I work in the Support department, can you open a WRC case to investigate this further (email or call 617-621-0700)? Once we determine exactly what is necessary to reproduce we can post the results here in the Developer Community so this is public knowledge.

The Atelier development team is actively working towards the 1.1 release. However we do not provide guaranteed timelines for the release of InterSystems products.

Code completion for property parameters has not yet been implemented in Atelier. But it is on the roadmap and is planned for an Atelier 2.0 release.

The Studio Inspector will not be implemented as-is in Atelier. However you can still view the same information in Atelier:

To see a class' properties, methods, parameters, etc. you can use the Atelier Outline view. That is shown in the answer to the DC post that Vitaliy linked to: Currently this shows only the members in the current class, not those that come from superclasses. A "Show Inherited" option is planned for an Atelier 1.1 release.

You can use F3 in Eclipse to go to a declaration. This works for many of the use cases for F12 in Studio.