Cancelling compaction in IRIS is supported and there is no risk of a data integrity issue.

Please make sure the version you are on is safe to run compaction. See Pete Greskoff's 3 links in this developer community post:

In InterSystems IRIS as of 2019.1.0, you have the option to monitor and cancel database tasks such as compaction:

Using Character-based Security Management Routines


option 15. Show background database tasks
"Displays a list of background tasks that are running or that have run since startup. You can also use this option to re-enter the monitor screen, where you can cancel a currently running task as well as purge the history of completed tasks. (Note that the tasks listed here are not the same as those listed as scheduled tasks in the Task Manager.)"

Every instance has at least a default local license server installed:


I'm not certain I understand the full sequence of events here or the the different keys that you attempted to use. If you want to look deeper into this the WRC can help you review the keys and look into that license message (and cconsole.log context I'm sure).

Hello Robert,

It looks like this message was informing you that you needed to activate a key, and that once you did so the message disappeared. Did you notice any other licensing related messages? What clarification were you looking for in terms of context/content?

Hello Paul,

I believe that log message comes from your own code and I am not sure how your code determined those calls changed. Note that $zu calls are deprecated, undocumented, and subject to change at any time, so you should replace them with supported APIs.

Obsolete And Deprecated Functionality

I would recommend reaching out to the WRC or your ISC sales rep to discuss further if you have doubts. Perhaps Eduard's post is sufficient for you to replace the functionality.

Edit: upon further inspection of the linked documentation, replacements do seem to be available for the calls you mentioned.




Hello Pandian,

This should be a larger discussion with your InterSystems sales rep. I would highly recommend reaching out to them.

Hello Rick,

You might need to explain more about your criteria. The Business Service should be checking if filename and time modified match to determine if the file is the same. You may be able to just change the timestamp when you want to recheck.

Alternatively, you may be able to code some logic to have the files be moved to an archive path and then brought back over into the file path when you want to retry.

Settings for the File Inbound Adapter

There might be a way to modify the "already processed" status of a file, but I'm not sure if that's a great idea and you may want to discuss it with your InterSystems representative.