Hi Cris, 

Thanks! I am going contact you as suggested by Ben Spead. 

Later on I can post the solution over here.


Great! I am going to try that and call a rest api async in order to record that. We are concerned about a high volume of user access and have peformance issues.

Pageviews is related to the UI side. Some UI can have acces to multiple API endpoints and it would not be a good approach. We have tried that already. Also they would not like to use Google Analytics.

Yeap! I was trying to use getTemplateForArea(area) and zenPage.loadTemplateNS(), but I couldn´t make it work as I expected.

Good. Thank you very much!

I agree with  Eduard Lebedyuk answer bellow that, SPA don´t work with browser back/forward buttons and consequently with the browser history. 

However, I noticed that the pushDocument has a parameter 'nohistory' that uses the mechanism  history.pushState when set as 'true'. It is available on  %ZEN.Mojo.basePage. I did some test in order to try to help Alexandre and i have noticed that after you pushDocument, popDocument, than click on back or forward browser buttons and than try to pushDocument once again, it does not work correctly as it was. 

Does anybory has any thoughts about that?

I usually add a HANG command when I want to start debugging

Hang 15

And call the system or app which runs the specific class method, routine, csp, etc.

This hang gives me some time to go to studio and attach my studio debug to that process according to the name.