· Jul 21, 2016

Source Control For Caché / Ensemble

Hi community members!

I'd like to know about what source control version is recommended to use with Caché / Ensemble. Can someone help me? If yes, there is some documentation to how to configure?


José Sampaio.

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There are no particular recommended SourceControl systems. Everything depends on your choice.

Some time ago, with versions cache less then 2016.2 and before Atelier was appeared, we could use nothing except Studio. And in this case to work with particular SourceControl we should write own addon for Studio as a wrapper for this SourceControl. You can find one as a good example here on github, which works with GIT

Now, when we have Atelier, we could forget about this part, and use lots of available plugins for different SourceControl systems.

BTW, I prefer git, but most of time used SVN at work, and git for my own projects.

 At my current job, we do not have local installations of Cache. All  developers work on a single windows server which serves as a development environment. There is no source/version control or central repository. I am wondering if there are source control clients that would allow several users to work off different branches but on the same machine, so that each user has their own "local" version of a repository..We want to introduce source control, branching and code reviews. However my experience with this has only been in situations where each developer has a local instance of Cache on their laptops. Any ideas on how we can solve this?

With Studio, you will have only one option, is to store sources from server's side. Any Studio plugin works in Caché, and this code could decide where to store code. But developers should also have access to the same folder. If you have authorization on your Caché server, it will be quite easy to split settings and storing sources on disk for every developer.

But If you would choose Atelier, you should not care about it. Atelier all changes store on client's side. And no matter how many developers works on one server.

I would like to emphasize that if it is a new customer or if they are considering upgrading you would evaluate the possibility of guiding your customer to use Atelier. According to the 2017.1 release notes "the focus of future development will be on the new Eclipse based IDE". See the following link for additional details: (Page 6 - 1.8 New Features in Atelier, the Eclipse-Based IDE)