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As Visual Report is deprecated in InterSystems IRIS,
What are the best alternatives for reports would you recommend?



I'm using the popular JasperReports reporting library with Caché/IRIS for several years.  See my presentation on this topic from the Caché User Group how to do this: CUG - reporting with JasperReports

You have several options: using the IRIS JDBC connector is the most obvious one, but I'm also using HTTP endpoints returning XML data source to JasperReports. Works very well.

A big advantage is that you can design your reports pixel-precise using JasperSoft Studio.

FYI, you can simply use the JasperReports server community edition:

You'll need to install JasperReports Server and JasperSoft Studio to work with the IRIS JDBC connector.



Thank you Ward! I will keep this as a good option.

This is a very interesting option in my context.
Thank you Evgeny!

Hi Evgeny, yes I have problems uploading a file (pdf) in my post - I updated the link in my answer to point to my own server for the Caché User Group website. 

Hi, Blaise!

For printing dashboards from IRIS analytics, I can recommend trying dsw-reports. 

It can print widgets from dashboards and send it in pdf on a schedule.