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Hi Community!

As you know we launched the InterSystems Open Exchange — the marketplace for solutions and tools on InterSystems Data Platforms!

But how to publish your application on OE?

Before we start, let me answer the few basic questions.

Last reply 13 February 2020
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Easily transform a CSV file into a personalized preview of DeepSee - InterSystems BI

AnalyzeThis can be found on InterSystems Open Exchange. Use the Download link to navigate to GitHub and begin installing the project. Follow the “Installation” section of the GitHub README.

Last reply 20 November 2019
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The data model of your solution based on InterSystems platforms constantly changes over time. But what do you do with the data that was entered before? Back then, the data was valid, but what’s happening to it now after a number of data model changes? The answer to this question can be provided by the IDP DV tool that checks the property data of persistent and serial classes according to the types of these properties. In case any discrepancies are found, the tool generates a detailed error report for the user.

Last reply 16 November 2018
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