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AnalyzeThis – Quick start into InterSystems BI

Easily transform a CSV file into a personalized preview of DeepSee - InterSystems BI

AnalyzeThis can be found on InterSystems Open Exchange. Use the Download link to navigate to GitHub and begin installing the project. Follow the “Installation” section of the GitHub README.


After installation, navigate to the User Portal from the Management Portal:

Once here, a new Link will have been added, click on the link and then select "New" to begin:

Use “Browse” to locate a csv file to import:

Click on “Next” to see a preview of your data and select “Measure” or “Dimension”:

As defined, “Measures” are the value you would like to aggregate. “Dimensions” are the values you would like to aggregate on.

You can also select to hide properties that are not good Dimensions or Measures. For example, “ProviderId” is unique, so this will not be a good value to group on. We also do not want any sort of sum or aggregate of this number, so we will not include it here:

All properties default to a Dimension. We will find some properties we want to change to be Measures:

Here we can see that “TotalDischarges”, “AverageCoveredCharges”,”AverageTotalPayments”, and “AverageMedicarePayments” would be good values to aggregate. We will make them Measures:

We also know these are dollar amounts, so we will change their type from Integer to Currency:

Now that we are happy with our data, we can click “Import”. This will start processing the data as seen here:

Once this stage is complete (speed depends on the amount of data being processed), we will see some new buttons on the dialog box:

Here we will click on “Sample Dashboard” to view the generated sample based on our data:

We can now have our data in a Cube so that we can start exploring the analytics capabilities in just a few minutes.


If any bugs are experienced during this process, please feel free to email me at, or file a bug report on GitHub. For general questions, please comment on this article so others can benefit from the information as well.


Head over to InterSystems Open Exchange and download AnalyzeThis today!

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