· Jul 18, 2023
Open to Work

I'm open for new opportunities and challenges. Remote Job for any part of the world. Languages: portuguese, english and spanish.

I have more tha 20 year of experience with InterSystems Technologies.
Two InterSystems Certifications.
Large HealthCare Interoperability Experience.
I'm worked on large projects in Brazil, Chile, United States.
Knowledge in other program languages then COS, like Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, R.


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· Oct 4, 2023
Project development

Need your company a help developing projects on Intersystems Caché / Iris plataform?

I'm a senior developer, more of 30 years experience in ObjectScript, working as a freelancer for specific projects.

I'm a Spanish citizen, actually located part time in Barcelona Spain, and part time in Phuket Thailand, my work is always 100% remote.

For more information can email:


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My name is Malcolm King and I’m an experienced IT Professional seeking full time employment.
I have 25 years of experience in the software development industry, with a wide variety of skills and knowledge. I have been involved in writing both front and back end code, along with interfacing to multiple systems, using multiple languages such as Cache Objectscript, C#, Java, Javascript and SQL.

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Good afternoon!

Is this a good place to find a fellow developer with specialization in IRIS? I have an opportunity and looking for someone with significant experience (10 years).

It's a two and a half year contract, fully remote. Please let me know if you are interested in speaking about the opportunity.

More info here:




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