We have in DB two books, first is loaned because it has the Friend ID, and the other is in the shelf.

I execute a class query to get all loaned books:

    Query BooksLoaned() As %SQLQuery
        SELECT *
        FROM Library.Book
        WHERE Friend IS NOT NULL

Which I have tested throught the portal:

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George Cornejo · Apr 10, 2017
NYC Tri-State Regional Group

I am new to Intersystems and I am wondering if there exists a NYC tri-state regional or NE regional group for Ensemble?

If anyone has any information, please reply.


George Cornejo

NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation

55 Water Street


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I am creating a BPL using the Management Portal instead of creating a custom class. 

As per the documentations 'request object' contains properties those were in the original request message object or primary request and can be reference using the dot syntax. 

So if the primary request was an HL7 message, i should be able to pull the value MSH:9.2 as  follow 

request.{MSH:9.2} and assign it to a context property

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I'm looking for options to create multiple DFT HL7 messages based on data contained in a ZCO segment in a single inbound DFT message.  I have the following ZCO segment:

ZCO|CCC^Charge Code|1306794,1071301,23510,1071424|MFCD^Charge Code|14232,3542|||||

In this example, I need to create a new DFT message based on the data contained in ZCO:2.  Each code needs to be in it's own DFT message and put in FT1:7.1.  The number of codes will vary for each inbound message, but each code will need to create its own outbound message to the client.

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Hi All,

I am new to webservice and UPS. I have tried the sample URL's that UPS have given for testing in PHP codes and it works just perfect for me.

But when i try to hit the same URL's in Ensemble. it gives some errors from UPS.

If anyone of you guys here has any knowledge about UPS integration or the webservice please help me. it will be much appreciated and helpful.

The ensemble code that i am trying with is,

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Chris Messbarger · Sep 14, 2018
Business Rule Looping

Does anyone know how to loop through a segment that is part of an ordered set in a Business Rule and if one of about 10 possible values exist in any of the iterations of the segemnt:field I then allow the message to be skipped?

It seems like it should be fairly simple, but i am having a difficult time figuring this out. The Contains function only allow for one value to be identified. I have tried the intersectsList and while I think I have it formatted correctly i believe it only allows for 4 values to be verified. 

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We need to use a bash script under Linux in order to export a namespace's clases (*.cls), project (*.prj), *.inc and all related stuff (except generated and mapped clases). All these elements must be stored on a XML file.

We need to use a bash script under Linux to import and compile previously exported XML file (from Studio, Management Portal, or Export Script) .

Can anyone help us to develop them?
Thanks in advance!

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I am trying to generate a custom error-code using the following code

Class ISG.CommonBilling.Service.Test1 Extends EnsLib.HL7.Operation.TCPOperation
    ClassMethod khalid() As %Status
        Set tSC=$$$ERROR("10001","I am here")
        write $$$GETERRORCODE(tSC)_$char(13,10)
        write $SYSTEM.Status.GetErrorText(tSC)

And here is the output:

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I have a csv record mapper that reads in a batch and my batch has a header and trailer that changes all the time but it is of fixed length so I override the Get Batch Header method from the simplebatch class to something like below but my problem is when the batch is read in It still tries to bring in another empty batch like the picture below any reason why that is here is my code.The red code is the changes made. After several  trace logs it is being called twice first time with the batch [1] and[5]is the second call how can I stop that from happening

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I'll be doing my first xml transform soon and I'm hoping to find a good graphical mapping tool to generate the XSLT.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I've tried the demo of Altova MapForce and it's exactly what I want but it's super expensive.  Working for a non-profit it would be nice if I could find a free or cheap solution.

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Rochdi Badis · Jun 24, 2021
Adjust tablepane rows

Hi Guys,


for some reason the height in my tablepane are very big, how can I adjust the height in the rows in a tablepane?




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Larry Pinsky · Mar 22, 2017
Unable to sFTP to vendor

We have many sFTP business operations that work successfully.  I just modified an existing one to point to a new IP and Port, as well as use new credentials (username and password only).  When I attempt to sFTP a file, I receive the following error.

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Hi All

I'm looking for the a simple-quick-easy solution to monitor a SQL table thought Ensemble.

I have a process that update a DataBase ,a scheduled task that runs every night  (Not Ensemble)

In the end it updates a table (replica_status) with a new recored with two fileds:  Id, DateTime

I looked around the community but didn't find an answerd case.

I'm thinking on a Task that will run a sql outboud adapter BO that checks that table and send a alert if no new record was created yesterday

is this the right approach or is there's a better solution?

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to create integration tests using the Cache unit test framework in order to test an Ensemble production?

For example, what would be the best way to create automated tests for a BPL that calls multiple business operations (SQL, WebService ...)?

Should we create some kind of mock service/operation to simulate the response from the business operations ? 



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Is there a way to have a context property be available across 2 or 3 different business processes? For example if I am setting a value in a context property within one business process and want to use the same context property in a second business process, is this possible? Is this something that can be done with the "Context Superclass"?

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Is there a class Method that will return the number of OBX segments under the OBR segments? I see  method ChildCountGet

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I have a few productions that my developers named "TEST" and would ideally would like them to have more relevant names. Is there a way to rename a production? I tried exporting and deploying the production under a new name and it worked, but my new production is empty. Also I'd like to delete a production that is in a suspended state. When I attempt to delete the suspended production, I get errors that the production isn't stopped, so can't be deleted. I can't start it to clear the suspended status, either. I get the following error:

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Is there any simple way to query data about processed messages in all Ensemble productions?
What I ultimately would like to do is to periodically export that data to another system and run statistics on it.

I've been digging around in the SQL tables view and Ens.MessageHeader seems to contain most of what I'm after.
Using ODBC I could access that table view and query data, but only for one namespace per DSN it seems.

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First of all thanks for your time and help reading this question:

We would need some help:

The use case is: to add a rule inside a EnsLib.HL7.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine, where we iterate in a EnsLib.HL7.Message to find a specified value inside all OBXs segments. It should return a Boolean

Is there any recommended way, or standard function inside Ensemble, that we could use, without having to develop a new function?


We have read:

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Thomas Kotze · Jan 23, 2017
FieldTest for Ubuntu


Is there a install kit available for ubuntu.  I have tried the Suse Install kit .

Got: The installer can't find a platform in this distribution supported by your system




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