I want do to a "simple thing". Show a dynamic log of actions in the browser as we can see on Terminal. For that, I guess to make a simple CSP Page that show a new line every WRITE command is the thing I need.  

But how I refresh after each WRITE?

How I can refresh the content automatically?

I made a simple CSP Page and in method OnPage I do this test:

    write "Start..",!
    for i=1:1:10{
        hang 1
        write "Doing "_i,!


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So I know it's been a while, and I hate to let my adoring fans down... just not enough to actually start writing again.  But the wait is over and I'm back!  Now bask in my beautiful ginger words!

For this series, I am going to look at some common problems we see in the WRC and discuss some common solutions.  Of course, even if you find a solution here, you are always welcome to call in and expression you gratitude, or just hear my voice!

This week's common problem: "My query returns no data."

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Eduard Lebedyuk · Jan 13, 2017
GitLab CI examples?

Recently I started working with GitLab - GitHub self-hosted foss alternative. So far so good, liked the UI,  ease of administration, and available functionality (I was on Phabricator previously,  and still use it for repo mirroring).

GitLab has GitLab CI  (GitLab Continuous Integration) which looks promising (pluggable docker/vm/ds to run code) , but I wondered if someone uses it already and can share scripts for it?

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When working with a large query executed though an ODBC connection what is the best way to allow the paging of the results at the client side.  I have tried some methods using %VID and similar methods, but these really don't seem to work as the value returned is related to the ID of the data and not the position in the results set.  What would be ideal is if the value seen in the management portal when you check of "Row Number" was available to external queries through ODBC.  I have not seen a way to return this however.

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Hi All,

I am new to this technology and I have installed the trial version of cache 2016.1 with Normal security.

I was trying to develop the sample cinema application and mean while when I tried to view the csp webpage, it opens the browser and ask for login after logging in it shows Service Unavailable error instead of preview of webpage.

Could you guys suggest an answer to resolve this issue.

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I'm currently re-engineering an application from CSP pages directly accessing COS Methods, to an Angular/Material front end accessing a REST DAL.  Both the Angular front end and REST services are hosted from the same Caché instance and the same namespace, but the REST services have their own CSP application, with all calls being routed through a Dispatch class.  

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the boss started using his new mac laptop, and now we are getting macintosh's own html escape characters being stored in the database especially in our text blocks, when we then print it we see things like don%u2019t instead of don't

so for example instead of the apostrophe we see %u2019 being stored. We've already noticed %u2018, %u2019, %u201C, %u201D, %2026

I'd like to replace the %u2019 with the nearest equivilent (especially when he starts to use left and right quote marks)

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Russ Snyder · Jan 3, 2017
Deciphering Error Messages

When deciphering an error message (<MAXSTRING>main+45^LBZNSJHCACUPLB), my understanding is the error offset is 45 lines from "main".  If there are "go sub" entries within this 45 lines, do you count the lines in the "go sub" section or do you do a straight count of lines ignoring the "go sub" section?

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Hello community!

After reading a lot near InterSystem's Jobs and Terminal I/O documentation sections multiple times, I still does not understand one concept.

Maybe this question will be kind of incorrect, but please take it as is: is it possible to change the current device to be terminal device?

Let me explain what I want to achieve.

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I have detected an error in CACHE 2016.1.2, on both 32 and 64 platforms, when loading the autocad application, it fails. This did not happen in CACHE 2014.1.4.

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