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I have detected an error in CACHE 2016.1.2, on both 32 and 64 platforms, when loading the autocad application, it fails. This did not happen in CACHE 2014.1.4.


S Cad = ##class(Activate.AutoCAD.AcadApplication).%New()

 If $List(%result,1)'=0 Set sc=$$Error^%apiOBJ(6101,$LG(%result,1)_" "_$LG(%result,2)_" "_$LG(%result,3)) ZT "ACTX"                                             



%objlasterror=0 O=-2146959355 Error [80080005]
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Did you install 2016 version on the same machine where you had Cache 2014? For me, it looks like, the error on AutoCAD or Windows side, not on Caché side. But anyway I think you should ask for help in WRC.

i have installed it on the same machine, because i think the error is on Cache side.