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Firt, my congratulations, your application has more potential, I've been following it for a long time, and now I think it's in a developmental point that allows me to use it. I have an application that works in VT 240 emulation, and the application uses the function keys F1 to F12, as well as, the cursor movement keys, both possibilities don't work with WebTerminal. Also, the graphic characters are not displayed, it dosen't allow to draw boxes or lines. Both features are important to my program works correctly. Do you think you can develop these modifications?

The installation is cache 2016.1.2, and in 32 bits on windows 2008 works fine, very fast, but in 64 bits on windows 2012, works very slow, either the connection from a client pc, or either from terminal on the server itself.

i have installed it on the same machine, because i think the error is on Cache side.

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