· Sep 19, 2020

ZPM - silent mode ?

I'm looking for a way to run ZPM (especially install) in a total silent mode with no output.

I tried -quiet flag but it continues to chat to me like my wife. 
Same result for both ways :

zpm: USER>install -q native-api-objectscript         


USER>set sc=##class(%ZPM.PackageManager).Shell("install -q native-api-objectscript")
[native-api-objectscript]       Reload START
[native-api-objectscript]       Reload SUCCESS
[native-api-objectscript]       Module object refreshed.
[native-api-objectscript]       Validate START
[native-api-objectscript]       Validate SUCCESS
[native-api-objectscript]       Compile START
[native-api-objectscript]       Compile SUCCESS
[native-api-objectscript]       Activate START
[native-api-objectscript]       Configure START
[native-api-objectscript]       Configure SUCCESS
[native-api-objectscript]       Activate SUCCESS


Background for this request:

All variations of IRIS Native API for  { Node.js, Java, Python, .Net, Objectscript }
contain a Class IRIS with a more or less identic method  ClassMethodValue(classname,classmethod,params...)

This could be a quite comfortable way to run ZPM install on various servers, various namespaces
and skipping the repeated "connect -  login to terminal - run zpm "  procedure.

But I'm open for proposals to distribute code on multiple servers differently.

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Inspired by real life I created a workaround for my special case.
At home,
I close the doors and put my super InterSystems headphones on (not plugged in).

I call a small helper function that does a JOB to the background where the install may tell his stories to //./nul
It's nothing to win a price nor is It my preferred solution though it does what I expect!