· Nov 20, 2023

Working with Named Pipes

While creating my latest examples for the JavaContest I faced the need
to communicate with my code from a program in IRIS to my Java code.

Communication with |CPIPE| worked as READ or WRITE  but not both?
In the Documentation Named PIPEs are explained rather shortly.
"Once open, a pipe acts like an ordinary device."  Not so precise.
I failed to achieve my expected READ/WRITE  as TCP would offer. 

Has anyone a working example to demonstrate it? 
Any suggestion is welcome.

I found a workaround for my actual case.
Though I'm not so happy with it.

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
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I just learned here that "NAMED PIPE" is significantly different in

  • UNIX/Linux where it is just a kind of file structure and
  • Windows where it offers the duplex feature I was looking for

So my workaround (by accident) turns out to be better for my needs than the Linux FIFO feature
as I'm able also to read partial lines and don't need newlines or similar as separators.

it was kind of Lucky Punch