Where is the equivalent of INSPECTOR in Atelier ? See !

You  probably have a similar experience.
The more I use Atelier the more I miss INSPECTOR  that I had in Studio!

First for PROPERTIES that can inherit a variable number of Parameters beyond imagination.
take %XML.Adapter as the most obvious.
Where to  find all inherited methods that I eventually want to  overload? Take %Persistent as example.

Or where or how can %OnBeforeAddToSaveSet()  (the correct camel case) be overloaded ?

Are we expected to know by heart every parameter around XML and SOAP?

It just can't be serious. There are a few relates links:
Something similar is partially promised for 1.1 and later..

Further investigation (in Atelier 1.1) shows:

Moving the cursor on an EXPLICIT inherited class + <F2>
shows documentation on the explicit defined methods of this class.
nothing of the inherited ones!

In this example  I see all methods defined in %Library.Persistent.
But still nothing inherited from  %Library.SwizzleObject, %Library.RegisteredObject, %Library.Base, %Library.SystemBase

The same  applies to ClassPARAMETERS.
Those defined in the class are visible, nothing of inherited class parameters

Next I got an important advice from Andreas.Dieckow:

Hello Robert,

Right-click on a property, method etc. and choose “Open declaration”.
If the file the that gets opened is grayed in the background it means you cannot edit it,
because it is not part of the project.

I assume that is what you really are interested in.
Which I do not believe is what the inspector did in Studio.

Atelier also supports information on hovering and code completion as you type.
Also try Control-space for adding new code…

It's obvious that inherited classes just reside on server not on the local repository!
That's the core of the paradigm change from Server based editing to Local editing.
While in Studio everything is on server and local doesn't exist.

And so you can find all inherited classes immediately in  Server Explorer and not in Atelier Explorer or Project Explorer 
this is the way it looks if you do it right and open ALL inherited classes by click to <F3>

The real SOLUTION was found by accident

put the cursor into the Editor of your class.
press CTRL+O . Quick Outline shows up.
press another CTRL+O and ALL inherited members of your class show up.

Almost the same time I received a confirming answer from Nicole Aaron 


I just wanted to share a couple other Atelier tools I find useful that have some similar functionality to the Studio Inspector. The first is the Atelier Outline View. This shows the currently defined members of a file (parameters, properties, methods, etc):

The second tool is the Quick Outline, which you access using cmd+O on Mac or ctrl+O on Windows. The first time you hit cmd+O/ctrl+O you will see a list of members defined in the current class:

You can then hit cmd+O/ctrl+O again to show the inherited members, along with which class each member comes from. The inherited members show up in a lighter gray font instead of black:

You can also start typing in this box to narrow down the list:



thanks for your input. I had my experience with CTRL+O by accident just a few minutes before your answer .
It would be great if normal OUTLINE could do this as well.