Frank Langel · Mar 29, 2020

Where do i find information regarding ObjectScript Internals (LLVM? interpreted?)

Hi, please let me know where i find details on Objectscript internal implementation - is it an interpreted language ? - compiled into binary code (how - which compiler/toolchain ?) ? - support of LLVM ? thanks a lot Frank

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as far as I know (subject to verification) you  source code will be compiled into a p-code (pseudo- or portable-code). This means, Cache and IRIS behave (regarding program execution) as virtual machines, like the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

It's a proprietary compiler compiling into a proprietary bytecode. So no llvm support, and certainly no in depth documentation of it ;)

@Julius Kavay is fully correct.

The compiler was first written ~10 years before the idea of LLVM started  @ University of  Illinois.
Various interfaces allow your development very close to the data store. 

I'd suggest you contact your Sales Engineer @ InterSystems (Darmstadt ?) for disclosure of internals.