· Jul 23, 2019

What do You do With Your InterSystems IRIS Fork Repository if Your PR is accepted?

Hi developers!

Just want to check with you on best practices for that.

You collaborate for InterSystems IRIS repository. You fork it, then make changes, commit, push, pull request, discuss(if any), your PR is accepted.

What's next? 

Do you delete the repository you forked in?

Do You Delete the Repository of Your Pull Request was Approved?
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Something to note, if you delete the repo, the pull request will show up as "unknown repository"

and any history attached to that repo will be lost. Also any references to it will of course be broken. But deleting the branch is encouraged by github and won't break any references. For me, I don't like broken links and references, but of course there's the argument of wanting a clean profile instead of 1000 old forked repos :)