· Aug 10, 2019

What is difference between zen page and zen application

Hello All,

I need some help:

 I would like to create Web Application using our ZEN with Cache DB so please guide me.

1.What is difference between zen page and zen application.

2.what is the difference between Client Method and server Method then where to use it.


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Zen Application is the "package" you call from a browser and typically sets a common design.
Zen Pages are the individual web pages that make up your application.
Client Methods is JavaScript executed in your browser.
Server Methods run on the Caché Server and interact with the Zen page using HyperEvents.

I'd suggest you take a tour through the docs for details. 


Using Zen      Introduces Zen, the InterSystems framework for web application development.

Developing Zen Applications     
Addresses advanced Zen application programming issues such as security, localization,
client side layout management, and custom components.

A web application is a computer program that utilizes web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet. When your web technology is ZEN then it will called ZEN Application. A Zen Application can be comprises of single or multiple ZEN Pages.

When you want to interact with Client Components like text box value / its style etc, you should use Client Method.

When you want to interact with Server Component like saving the value in GLOBAL, you should use Server Method.

For better understanding you should understand Two Tier Architecture

Hi Vikram,

all answers are perfectly fine, but I would like to add that if you are new to ZEN (and have to build up your knowledge) and want to build a web application, I would advise you to build your APIs via JSON over REST and develop a web application using one of the many popular web frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.js, depending on the requirements of your application and your personal style.

ZEN is not actively enhanced anymore and you might run into undesired behavior with recent browser versions that are hard to control.